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Medicine & Surgery


Comprehensive Scottsdale and Phoenix Podiatry

State of the Art Surgery


Oasis Foot and Ankle’s physicians are highly trained and pioneers in the field. As an example, Dr. Brewer offers minimally invasive hammertoe and bunion repair with tiny incisions and minimal blood loss.

In addition, Dr. De La Cruz invented an ankle stabilization procedure technique that has been widely adopted by foot and ankle specialists. Whether it’s inventing new techniques or perfecting existing procedures, rest assured your feet will be in the best hands!

Comprehensive Nonoperative Treatments


The vast majority of foot and ankle conditions are able to achieve relief without surgery. The Arizona foot and ankle specialists understand this, therefore, have incorporated many in office options that do not need anesthesia or a surgery center at all.

Some of the options include laser toenail fungus treatment, in office debridement, custom orthotics with specialized gait analysis, stem cell treatments, pain medicine (oral and topical), nutritional optimization and more!

Second opinions


You may be referred to Oasis by your primary doctor or orthopedist for a second opinion or to be evaluated for specialized surgery. Our physicians have extensive surgical training and experience in revision of failed surgeries and surgical correction of complicated deformities. Our podiatry practice has patients referred from all over Arizona and even from out of state. If you are referred to Oasis, please bring your x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and any other testing materials that you may have for us to review.

Most Insurance(s) Accepted at Both Our Phoenix and Scottsdale Podiatry Centers. Call us today at (602) 993-2700!