| Neuromas
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A neuroma is caused by the thickening of tissue surrounding a nerve that travels between the base of two toes. It is caused by repeated mild injury to the space between two toes, which can occur when footwear does not fit properly or in people that run frequently. The thickened tissue causes pain in the area, especially when walking.


A neuroma is first diagnosed based on the history of the type of pain and injury. There are also ways to examine the foot that can diagnose this condition. In some cases, an MRI is done to obtain images of the tissue in the foot.



The simplest form of treatment involves wearing shoes that allow the feet plenty of room on the sides. In some cases an injection can be given into the neuroma. In difficult cases surgery can be curative.

Without Treatment

The neuroma may continue to grow in size and cause more pain, which can become severe.

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