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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics frequently experience foot problems due to poor blood circulation and damaged nerves.  At Oasis Foot and Ankle Center we use the latest technology to perform a thorough vascular and neurologic orthopedic exam. Two common issues diabetics incur are foot sores and foot pain.

 Foot sores easily develop into non-healing wounds that lead to further complications such as infection that may even result in amputation or loss of life.  Infections and further complications are prevented with rapid treatment of wounds.  Our providers closely monitor and treat open wounds using cutting edge amniotic fluid patch used to help create vascularity in unhealing wounds.  

Diabetics in Phoenix or Scottsdale experiencing foot pain, numbness, or tingling are likely experiencing peripheral neuropathy.  Oasis Foot and Ankle develop individual treatment plans for neuropathy cases to ensure the best outcome.   


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