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The Top Foot Specialists in Arizona.

Oasis Foot and Ankle Centers offers cutting-edge treatment that includes both surgical and nonsurgical options. The providers not only perform procedures that have been shown to be the gold standard but often are the ones innovating new ways that are less invasive with better outcomes!

Oasis Foot and Ankle emphasizes on quality compassionate care.  Our staff and doctors create individual care plans to ensure best the outcome for each of our patients.  Our doctors can provide treatment for any foot condition ranging from minor aches to major deformities of the foot.  

Thankfully, when surgery is necessary the Arizona foot and ankle doctors are often able to perform the case with minimal blood loss and tiny incisions. How? With the newest minimally invasive techniques for bunions, hammertoes and other conditions.

In addition, Oasis offers regenerative medicine procedures to help patients avoid surgery for foot and ankle arthritis. This includes wounds that are hard to heal, such as with diabetic neuropathy. For diabetic ulcers, the stem cell therapy is covered by insurance.

Here’s why you should come see our experts:

1. State of the Art Gait Analysis with Patented Techniques

2. Minimally Invasive Surgical Options

3. Pioneering Surgical Techniques

4. In House CT Scanner

Most Insurances Accepted

We work with most insurance companies to provide you the best treatment available in both our Phoenix and Scottsdale offices. Call us today at (602) 993-2700!

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