| 4 Great Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics
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4 Great Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics

4 Great Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics

You may have seen or used off-the-shelf shoe inserts to provide cushioning to your feet. However, nothing beats custom-made orthotics to ensure your specific foot issue is addressed and that you find relief from pain and discomfort in your feet, along with prevention of long-term foot and ankle conditions.

  • Customized to Specific Needs –Your foot structure is different from others’. It is important that your orthotics device fits perfectly to your foot to ensure your proper foot support in all the right places. For example, a person with a wide foot and mid-level arches, suffering from Plantar Fasciitis,will not benefit from an orthotic that has been made to fit a standard size foot and high arches. The pressure in the feet is distributed differently based on your foot design, and you need an orthotic that can account for your unique foot size and shape and concerns.
  • Force Distribution–Your orthotic should be able to distribute the load across the foot safely and evenly. A custom orthotic is best because it is designed based on your foot’s pressure imaging and how your foot is managing the load without a brace. When the custom orthotics device is customized for you, it shifts those forces to relieve pressure off injured areas.
  • Foot Stabilization– A custom orthotic can stabilize the injured foot better than an orthotic you find in a pharmacy. The custom orthotic can stabilizing your foot ligaments to prevent them from becoming over-stressed.
  • Better Balance– All of the above factors ensure that you have improved balance. Maintaining balance is especially critical in older adults, who may be at a greater risk for falls. In such cases, the orthotics device can also reduce your risk of injury.
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