| Taking Care of Your Feet
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Taking Care of Your Feet

Taking Care of Your Feet

Is critical for everyone to take care of their feet, but even more so if you are an athlete or someone who runs to keep in shape. Take the common ailment of blisters, which form when skin rubs against something lightly for an extended period. This occurs often when the back of your heel slides up and down when you run or walk for a while in shoes that don’t fit correctly. The heel will develop a painful blister, generally filled with pus. 


Many people lance the blister themselves, but it is widely recommended that the blister be lanced correctly or continued sores, including abscesses, may develop. Besides, the open wound is an open door for infections.


The trick to taking care of a blister is cleanliness. Newly opened bandage material and a sterilized lance are critically important. Aftercare, including replacement of bandages as needed, is also very important.


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A Foot Massage


A foot massage not only feels terrific, but it helps promote blood flow in the foot which, as it happens, is the farthest part of you from your heart. 


Technically, you can give yourself a foot massage, but you never get the same combination of relaxation and compression that you will find with a professional massage or a foot massage by a friend or partner. 


If there is no one around to help you with a foot massage, there are several items on the market that you can buy to have a do-it-yourself-massage. These can be as cheap as a specialized roller you can use sitting down or electric vibration devices.




While you are getting a foot massage, remember to apply a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. 


The best time to apply moisture to the foot, it is said, is right after you take a shower. Partly, this is because you may be rinsing the moisturizer off if you apply it before taking a shower. Secondly, because of the heat, a shower can make your skin dry and scaly. In this case, after a shower the pores of your skin open, which means your skin will be prepped to absorb the moisturizer.


Cool your feet


After vigorous exercise, especially if you are running on hot roads, your feet will need to cool down. You can use cool water or water with Epsom salts as a footbath. 

Cooling your feet is important as it diminishes the aches and pains of running, as would a cold compress used to reduce swelling anywhere else. In this case, a cool soaking will reduce swelling or reduce the tendency of your feet to swell up in the first place. Cool temperatures cause blood vessels to contract, which helps reduce swelling.


In Phoenix, Arizona


Podiatrists at Oasis Foot and Ankle Center are specialists at foot care, involving routine foot care needs and more advanced medical attention. In the COVID-19 era, more and more people are hiking, biking, and running to keep their health while avoiding sports that require team play. If you have questions on routine foot care or a specific concern, call the clinic at 602-993-2700

A Podiatrist in Phoenix Arizona can help treat complex conditions as well as providing routine foot care that crops up from time to time.

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