| A Podiatrist for Toenail Problems
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A Podiatrist for Toenail Problems

A Podiatrist for Toenail Problems

Your toes are usually an afterthought. It is widely understood that your toes provide stability and help spring you into action when you walk or run. And then there are those horn-like coverings called toenails. Why do we need those things?


In fact, from a structural point of view toenails are extremely helpful in guarding your toes against injury. They simply spread out the stress of something falling on your toes, just as a helmet worn by a bicyclist or a construction worker. And, yes, they are similar in make-up and purpose to horns and hooves.


From a medical standpoint, toenails are a functioning part of your body that sometimes requires attention. What can go wrong with toenails? Here are two common ailments that a foot doctor in Phoenix can resolve.


Toenail fungus


Toenail fungus begins with an infection generally picked up on athletic locker rooms or saunas frequented by people. Given the location of an infection, the fungus is often called “athlete’s foot.” At first, this is a condition that causes a deterioration of skin cells and a persistent itch. However, if not treated in time with an anti-fungal agent (available at most drug stores), the infection can move to the skin under your toenails. This is where the fungus is harder to treat because even powders and sprays do not go under your nails very successfully.

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This fungus is well suited to damp, dark conditions, which means hiding under your toenail is a terrific idea from the fungi’s point of view. Over time, this fungus can change the way your toenail grows. Your nails can do one or more of the following: Change color, grow much thicker, reduce the elasticity of the nail. It can also create a bad odor.




Treating a fungal infection is relatively easy when the fungi are attacking your feet and toes. There are anti-fungal sprays and powders that are very effective and widely available in drug stores.


 However, if the fungus has gotten under the toenail, surgery might be recommended. The surgery involves removing the affected toenails and using a laser beam to kill the remaining fungi. This operation is not always a success, but it can return a toenail to a future of better health.


Ingrown toenails


Having an ingrown toenail is no fun, but it is safely treated in a doctor’s office if caught early enough. If it is not treated early, an ingrown toenail can be very painful.


There are several common reasons toenails turn inward, which refers to toenails that are growing with the sides digging into your toe. Every day the toenail grows, the more the nail digs into the toe. Over time this can be very painful.

The causes of an ingrown toenail include trimming your toenails too short and cutting your toenail in a curve (rather than straight across). Toenails can also grow inward (usually expanding towards the sides) after an injury or after a fungal infection.


The remedy for ingrown toenails is to clip the nails to re-train the nail to grow correctly. This is best done with the best foot treatment in Phoenix, such as Oasis Foot and Ankle Center. Dial 602-993-2700 to make an appointment with a foot doctor in Phoenix Arizona or Scottsdale.

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