| Remedies for Gout
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Remedies for Gout

Remedies for Gout



Gout is a certain type of arthritis that can affect anyone and is a very painful condition similar to osteoarthritis. When high uric acid builds up in our blood it very oftentimes accumulates in the joints which causes urate crystals to clunk up inside the joint creating intense pain, swelling, tenderness, and even redness. This is the cause of gout attacks and they are often very unpredictable, sudden, and occur during the night. Gout is most commonly thought to affect the big toe joints but can affect any joint especially the knees, ankles, elbows, fingers, or wrists.




I’m sure everyone has heard of magnesium, but how can it help in the treatment of gout? Magnesium is a vital mineral that helps regulate many different processes in the body. It has been proven that magnesium supplementation results in a very positive anti-inflammatory response which is the cause of many chronic diseases and chronic pain especially. Magnesium supplementation may help patients reduce chronic inflammation which may reduce the severity and frequency of their gout attacks.

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Ginger is a wonderful root used in many culinary dishes but also as a powerful dietary supplement. Certain chemicals found in the ginger root help your body’s natural immune system fight off viruses and dangerous bacteria. Additionally, a podiatrist in Arizona recommends ginger for gout patients because of its many proven anti-inflammatory benefits. In gout patients especially, uric acid levels in the blood were greatly reduced after ginger consumption.




Stinging Nettle is a type of herbal medicine that has been used for hundreds of years for all sorts of different chronic or sudden ailments. Stinging nettle when consumed helps our body’s natural inflammation levels by reducing the hormones that often cause chronic inflammation. Additionally, Nettle is very vitamin-rich containing vitamins A, C, K, and a few B vitamins. Similarly, Dandelion has been used to reduce chronic inflammation in the body. Both Nettle and Dandelion fight high uric acid levels which is why podiatrist in Phoenix recommends the combination of both for at home gout treatment.




The earliest study of the benefits of black cherries for gout treatment dates back to the early 1950s and the results found that cherries significantly reduce inflammatory markers in the body. Additionally, black cherries or black cherry juice has been proven to lower uric acid levels in the blood which is the cause of serious gout attacks. If patients can consume just two cups of cherry juice or fresh cherries every day, the frequency and severity of their gout attacks may significantly reduce. Black cherries are one of the best at-home dietary remedies for patients that suffer from painful and unannounced gout attacks.


Oasis Foot and Ankle Center podiatrist in Phoenix specializes in the treatment of gout with anti-inflammatory medications and sometimes steroid injections are used in some desperate and stubborn cases. It is highly recommended by our podiatrists in Phoenix to see a doctor when gout attacks become frequent and won’t go away because gout that is untreated can permanently damage affected joints. Although a doctor’s visit may be necessary after a gout flare-up, there are things patients can try at home to help keep gout attacks and the accompanying symptoms less frequent and less severe. Below we will explore natural remedies to help keep your gout pain under control!

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