| Benefits of Custom Orthotics
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Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Do you ever think about your feet throughout the day? The answer is probably a resounding no unless those puppies are hurting! We may not put much thought into them but we should be because our feet are one of the most important parts of our body that keep everything else in alignment. Not only that but our feet allow us to freely move and balance, they bear the weight of the rest of our body every single day. Unfortunately, our feet oftentimes go without the tender love and care they deserve and are neglected.

Over the course of a lifetime, our feet go through a lot of stress, injury, and overall wear and tear that can often cause more than just sore feet so it’s very important to pay attention and take steps to improve the health of our feet. Orthotics treatment in Phoenix Arizona at the Oasis Foot & Ankle Center specializes in many different types of customizable orthotics that are prescribed and molded to exactly fit each patient’s situation.




Orthotics are often prescribed by a foot doctor, or podiatrist, to help address different pain points in the feet, legs, and even back. Orthotics are specially molded inserts that are specific to the shape of the patient’s feet to help provide extra support and compensate for any lack in the muscular or skeletal structure of the feet. A doctor may prescribe a customized set of orthotics when other remedies like strengthening and stretching do not help the pain subside.

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Foot pain is often caused by lack of foot support and stability which can cause ankle, knee, hip, and back issues if left unresolved. Foot orthotics treatment in Phoenix Arizona can help patients take their first steps with less pain and avoid other more costly and invasive procedures.




More people than you think suffer from problems with their feet and often don’t even know it. Up to 70% of people live life with pain in their feet, or because of their feet, and don’t always know what to do about it which oftentimes just makes the issues worse. Weak arches in the feet can cause patients to experience back pain and lower extremity pain from the hips to the legs. At Oasis Foot & Ankle Center orthotics treatment in Arizona, many issues stemming from pain in the feet can be addressed and resolved by using a pair of custom-designed orthotics. Once the team of podiatrists in Phoenix Arizona understand what the root cause of your pain is, the correct type of orthotic can be prescribed and inserted into any shoe of your choice.

They do recommend however supportive and rather stiff shoes to help stabilize and protect your sore feet. Oftentimes people will have custom orthotics made just for the additional benefits of comfort and especially those that love to run and exercise. With constant jilting and jarring during exercise and especially long-distance running, it is important to have orthotics that can provide additional support and cushion to help preserve the health of the knees and hips. Custom foot orthotics treatment in Phoenix Arizona is a great way to relieve pain and stress in the body, and will help you love your feet and the way they feel!

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