| Dangers Of Wearing The Wrong Shoes
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Dangers Of Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Dangers Of Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Most people in the United States have a variety of different shoes. They have shoes they wear to work, the shoes they wear to the beach, shoes they wear to the gym, and the shoes they wear when they want to be comfortable. There are hundreds of styles of shoes ranging from flip flops to sneakers to heels and boots. While many people use shoes as a fashion statement, most people do not put a lot of thought into whether or not the shoes they wear are appropriate or correctly fitting for their needs. Wearing the wrong type or size of shoe can have serious consequences for foot and ankle health.


           Finding properly fitting shoes can make or break foot and ankle health. Many people wear ill-fitting shotes due to style or simply not knowing the shoes are fitting improperly. When it comes to size, most people know exactly what size shoe they are. However, it is a mistake to think you will be the same size in every shoe. Different brands may run differently in size. In addition, if you are wearing pointed-toe shoes you may need to order a half size up as opposed to wide toe shoes. Also, many people order their normal size shoes in workout shoes. However, the feet tend to swell when working out. Therefore, ordering a half size up may be ideal, to avoid the shoes from becoming too tight after a workout.

           In addition to shoe size, style and fit are an important factor. People who have naturally narrow feet may be ok wearing pointed-toe shoes every now and then. However, those who have wide feet may damage their feet by wearing pointed-toe shoes. When wearing ill-fitting shoes people may develop foot and ankle problems. These problems can include bunions, ingrown toenails, and overall foot pain. In addition, women who wear heels are at an increased risk of rolling their ankles. Heels do not provide support, which can lead to problems later on. Many people wear running shoes for all athletic activities. However, different shoes should be used for running versus hiking versus HIIT classes.


           When people wear the wrong kind of shoes, they put their feet at risk for permanent damage later on in life. Oftentimes, the feet and ankles are ignored since they are not “glamorous.” However, healthy feet and ankles are what allow people to maintain mobility throughout their entire lives. One of the easiest ways to maintain foot and ankle health is by wearing the right kind of shoes. Wearing shoes that are the correct size, fit your foot shape correctly, and are correct for the type of activity you are engaging in. 


           If you do notice you are having foot or ankle problems, it is worth a visit to your local podiatrist in Phoenix Arizona. Podiatrists can help determine if your shoe choices are causing your pain. If so, they can also come up with a treatment plan to help your feet remain healthy and comfortable. 

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