| Dangers In Overlooking Foot And Ankle Health
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Dangers In Overlooking Foot And Ankle Health

Dangers In Overlooking Foot And Ankle Health

Foot and ankle health is of utmost importance. However, most people completely overlook their feet and ankles. When our feet and ankles are working properly, we rarely think about them. However, something as small as a blister on our foot can lead us to change our entire daily routine. For this reason, it is surprising that people do not take a more hands-on approach to their foot and ankle health. Foot and ankle health is a primary concern when it comes to mobility, especially in older age. In addition, overlooking foot and ankle health in your youth can lead to severe problems down the road.

           Many people experience foot or ankle injuries early in life. These may take the form of strains or sprains during sports practice or a game. There has been a longstanding saying in sports, “Work through the pain.” However, this has resulted in many people continuing to play, even though they are suffering from an injury. Thus, the injury is never able to fully heal and can leave the athlete compromised for years down the road. One of the best examples of this is ankle sprains and strains.

           Many people who suffer from an ankle strain or sprain never have it looked by my a physician. They simply ice it for a day or two and immediately return to normal activities. However, strains and sprains may take longer than a couple of days to heal. If they are not given this chance, there is the potential for the ankle to never completely heal. This is the reason many people suffer from weak ankles, that are prone to roll, later in life. Each time the ankle rolls, it sustains more damage, and the process begins again.

           In addition to ankle problems, issues with feet are often overlooked. Those who suffer from bunions may feel they have to live with the pain. People wear heels far too often or resort to shoes that are too tight. In addition, many people choose to wear athletic sneakers for every activity from running to hiking. This improper use of footwear can lead to long term issues later on in life. When people are young, they rarely think about their foot and ankle health, because they have no mobility issues. However, this can become a major regret later in life, when childhood injuries, and lack of attention to feet and ankles, lead to mobility issues.

           Mobility is one of the most important traits we have as people. The ability to walk to the store or get up and down the stairs with ease is a luxury often overlooked by many people. In order to keep our mobility as strong as possible, even in old age, it is important to pay attention to foot and ankle health, even in early childhood years. For this reason, people should have a relationship with a podiatrist they trust. Podiatrists can help to ensure people are wearing the right kind of shoes to support their feet, or help to make changes where needed. 

If you do have problems with your foot or ankle, immediately contact an ankle specialist in Phoenix AZ. The more you overlook a foot or ankle pain, the more problems you may have in the future.

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