| Different Types Of Orthotics
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Different Types Of Orthotics

Different Types Of Orthotics

Aching feet and pain when walking are a couple of common problems people face every day. Fortunately, these are not problems you have to live with permanently. In fact, something as simple as orthotics make all the difference in the world to your feet. Some orthotics can be bought over the counter while others may require a prescription from your podiatrist. Fortunately, orthotics provide a non-invasive solution to foot pain that may be affecting your quality of life. There are many different types of orthotics that exist as can be seen below.


Rigid Orthotics

           Rigid orthotics are also called functional orthotics. They are made from harder materials such as plastic or even carbon fiber. Rigid orthotics are the best fit for shoes that have a closed toe and low heel. This includes athletic shoes or dress shoes. Rigid orthotics help to ease pain and discomfort caused by feet that are not shaped or positioned in the way they should be. They can help ease pain in the feet, legs, thighs, and even lower back.


Soft Orthotics

           Soft orthotics are also called accommodative orthotics. These orthotics are made from compression material that has some level of giving. This cushion allows the orthotic to take the pressure off of certain areas in the foot that may be causing it to become sore and painful. They are particularly helpful for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or even diabetic foot ulcers. One of the downsides of soft orthotics is that they may only be wearable with prescription footwear. However, they can be specially designed for various sporting shoes such as ski boots and skates.


Over the Counter Inserts

           Over the counter inserts do not require a prescription and can be bought at many different stores. They come in a wide variety of shapes and can often be trimmed to fit into any kind of shoe whether it be open or closed-toe. These inserts are only helpful for mild foot pain and problems such as the normal pain that comes with wearing high heels. For more serious foot problems, orthotics are recommended. 


           Regardless of the type of orthotic you end up using, it is important to do so under the care of a foot specialist. Chronic foot pain could be the sign of a more serious problem and it is important to have it checked prior to making any changes on your own. Regardless of the cause of pain, it is always advised to wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet and that fit properly. You can have your shoes fitted by a professional at most shoe stores.

           Many people fear that foot pain may require them to undergo surgery or a more intensive procedure. However, in many cases, chronic foot pain can be fixed by simply changing the position of the foot. In these cases, orthotics can make the difference between living with foot pain and living a much better quality of life without foot pain. Don’t continue living in pain. Orthotics can benefit your life in many ways.

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