| Top Ways To Prevent Sweaty Feet
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Top Ways To Prevent Sweaty Feet

Top Ways To Prevent Sweaty Feet

           Sweaty feet are a common problem amongst many people. Beyond being uncomfortable, sweaty feet can be an extremely embarrassing problem. While the exact cause of sweaty feet is unknown, many physicians have found overactive sweat glands to be involved in many cases of the condition. Other causes include structural issues with the foot, or genetics as it can run in families. If you are experiencing excessive sweating of the feet, there is no reason to continue suffering. There are ways to cope with the problem so you can improve your quality of life.



Wear The Right Socks

           Wearing the right socks is probably one of the most important things you can do for sweaty feet. Many people wear socks made of materials that do not breathe. This just exacerbates the problems of sweaty feet. When choosing socks, be sure to choose socks made out of natural substances such as cotton. In addition, when playing sports, opt for moisture-wicking socks which help take sweat away from the feet. This will help minimize the sweating and thus minimizing the chance for a bacterial or fungal infection to begin.



Use An Antiperspirant

           Using an antiperspirant on your feet may sound weird, but it can greatly help with overactive sweat glands. Antiperspirant on your feet works the same way it does under your arms; by blocking sweat glands. Putting antiperspirant on your feet before going to bed will allow it to become active at night, and then be washed off in the morning. This can keep you sweat-free for up to 24 hours at a time.



Log Your Sweating Episodes

           Keeping a log of your activities and food consumed every day can help to pinpoint the exact cause of sweaty feet. You may experience sweaty feet during times of stress, in certain temperatures, or after eating certain foods. Keeping a log of your daily activity can help pinpoint if there are certain things that contribute to sweaty feet. Once you find a pattern, you can do your best to avoid those things in the future.



Stay Hydrated

           This may sound counterintuitive since you are trying to keep your feet dry. However, staying hydrated is a key component to avoiding sweaty feet. Drinking a lot of water, particularly on hot days or days where you are working out can help keep your temperature regulated. As a result, the likelihood of sweating is greatly decreased.


Wear The Proper Shoes

           This goes hand in hand with wearing the right socks for your feet. Finding shoes made from a breathable fabric such as canvas versus plastic is an important part of keeping your feet cool and sweat-free. In addition, the size of your shoes can greatly affect how much you are sweating. If your shoes are too tight, they can trap heat inside and cause structural stress to your feet, thus causing sweating. In addition, adding insoles that have sweat-wicking and deodorant properties can help to minimize sweating and odor of the feet.


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