| Top Causes of Ankle Sprains
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Top Causes of Ankle Sprains

Top Causes of Ankle Sprains

Almost all people will experience a sprained ankle at least once in their lifetime. In fact, sprains are one of the most common ailments to affect ankles. Sprained ankles occur when the ankle rolls, turns, or twists in a way it is not meant to move. During this movement, the ligaments of the ankle are injured which leads to pain. While ankle sprains are common, they can weaken the ankle later on in life and make the patient more prone to sprained ankles. Ankle sprains are not life-threatening, but they can be severe and take months before they are fully healed. Understanding the causes of ankle sprains can help to avoid them in the future.


Falling: Falling is one of the top causes of ankle sprains. Oftentimes, when people fall, it is because their foot was misplaced. This can be due to being on uneven pavement such as in the case of hiking. Or, it can occur when a person misses a step walking up or down a set of stairs. Regardless, it is important to watch your step if you are walking on uneven surfaces to ensure you do not fall and sprain your ankle.


Landing Awkwardly After A Jump: This is another primary cause of ankle sprains and is common in many sports. Any time a person jumps, there is a risk of landing improperly. This is especially true in the case of sports such as basketball which involves a lot of jumping, even when a person is tired. Landing wrong on the ankle can lead to a sprain and severe pain. Wearing proper shoes when playing sports can help to avoid landing poorly and thus, help avoid a sprained ankle.


Being Stepped On: Another common sports injury is being stepped on by another player during a sports game. This could be in basketball, baseball, or even football. Oftentimes, athletes are giving all their energy to run and move as fast as possible. If someone steps on your foot while you are trying to move it, it could lead to damaged ankle ligaments or an ankle sprain. This is very difficult to avoid, particularly in contact sports, but it is something to be aware of.


Lack of Stretching: Failing to stretch can also lead to sprained ankles. Stretching helps to loosen up the ligaments and muscles in the foot and ankle to allow them maximum flexibility. However, if you skip a warm-up and stretching before partaking in physical activity, you put yourself at a higher likelihood of sustaining an ankle sprain.


Improper Shoes: This is probably one of the most common causes of ankle sprains. Wearing improper shoes makes it almost certain you will sustain a sprained ankle. Whether you are wearing tennis shoes to hike an uneven mountainous region or wearing four-inch heels, wearing the wrong type of shoes can lead to severe ankle pain. High heels put women at risk of rolling their ankles because the heels are unstable. And, wearing tennis shoes when hiking does not offer enough ankle support for the rugged terrain.

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