| Is it a bad idea to wear flip flops all the time in summer?
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Is it a bad idea to wear flip flops all the time in summer?

Is it a bad idea to wear flip flops all the time in summer?

Flip Flops are should be worn ONLY for short periods of time because they usually don’t provide any arch or heel support. You often tend to grip the flip flops with your toes to keep them on. This is why flip flops are only acceptable if they offer some arch support, cushion the sole, and come with supportive straps. Such flip flops can be worn at the beach, around swimming pools, and in locker rooms at the gym. Avoid wearing flip flops for long periods of walking and standing and never during activities, such as running or hiking.

What NOT flip flops?

Walking with flip flops for long periods can cause your foot to collapse, impacting your posture and gait and causing great stress to the foot as well as to the rest of the body. Prolonged use of flip flops makes the foot pronate for a long period of time which then change show pressure and weight is distributed across the foot. This imbalance may accelerate the progression of foot deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes and even lead to painful conditions, such as arch and heel pain and even affect other parts of the body like the knees and back.

What is a better option?

Summer slides are usually better than flip flops since they are just as convenient and more supportive for the feet. Since slides are often wider in the forefoot, it minimizes any discomfort associated with bunions, hammertoes, or neuromas. The over strap helps prevent digital contracture and hammering of the toes, compared to the thong strap of flip flops. Summer slides with an arched footbed, thick and ribbed sole are comfortable and can help to minimize discomfort.

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