| How to determine whether I need Orthotics?
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How to determine whether I need Orthotics?

How to determine whether I need Orthotics?

You may have heard of foot orthotics, insoles, or shoe inserts. Orthotics are devices that can fit inside your shoes and provide support to your feet. While you may find shoe inserts and insoles at a pharmacy, it is best to have custom orthotics designed especially for your feet.

Here are five common signs you need orthotics.

  • Standing job– If your work involves standing for more than 5 hours a day, it may lead to plantar fasciitis, an overuse injury to the ligament that extends from your heel to your toes on the base of your foot. Custom orthotics can relieve the stress on your feet from standing all day.
  • Worn out shoes – Notice the tread on your shoes. If the tread of your shoes is more worn out on one side than the other, itmay be a sign that your foot is rolling inward (pronating) or outward (supinating). Orthotics can help to correct foot pronation or supination.
  • No arch or high foot arch – If you have very high or low arches, regular shoes may not provide the support your feet need. Orthotics can support your feet.
  • Severe pain in your foot or heel –Foot or heel pain, especially in the morning, is a common sign of plantar fasciitis. Orthotics can ease such pain.
  • Lower Limb injury– If you recently suffered an injury to your hip, knee, leg or ankle, it may affect the pressure you put on your feet. This can change the way you walk. Orthotics can help you walk correctly, without straining your feet.
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