| Everyone Can Benefit From Orthotics
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Everyone Can Benefit From Orthotics

Everyone Can Benefit From Orthotics

Foot problems can negatively impact a person’s quality of life, especially when that person takes pride in being active.  While some foot pain is caused by problems that require surgery, there is a lot of foot pain that can be fixed with something as simple as orthotics.  It is not surprising that standard shoes do not work for every person.  All of our feet are built differently, and therefore, they all need a different level of support.  Shoes bought from off the rack may not provide the support a person needs, thus leading to foot pain.  In many cases, orthotics offer a viable solution that can save someone from pain medication and surgical intervention.

There are essentially two different kinds of “orthotics” people think about when they hear the one.  One kind is technically a shoe insert, while the other is a genuine orthotic.  Inserts can be bought at a store without a prescription for a doctor.  They help to provide extra cushioning and support but are not custom made for your foot.  While this can help with making a shoe more comfortable, the problem still exists that everyone’s feet are different, and inserts are made as a one style fits all product.  Orthotics, on the other, are fully customizable and can make a world of difference to a person suffering from aching feet.

Orthotics are customizable inserts for shoes that must be prescribed by a doctor.  They can not be bought at any random store.  They are aimed at fixing biomechanical foot problems such as how you stand, walk, and run.  Orthotics are typically prescribed by a podiatrist.  There are a variety of different orthotics on the market that can be made from a variety of materials.  Speaking with a podiatrist can help you determine the best fit for your specific condition.

Orthotics can make a great difference for patients suffering from foot aches and pains.  Oftentimes, these uncomfortable feelings are caused by poor support in the foot.  Orthotics can greatly help with these problems.  However, orthotics can get expensive and range greatly in price.  It is important to be transparent with your podiatrist about what you can afford and discuss the various options and the pros and cons of those options.  While orthotics do cost more than inserts, having orthotics to allow for proper arch support can avoid a host of medical bills and problems later on in life.

Everyone’s feet are unique, and not all shoes will work for all people.  Wearing shoes that do not fit properly, especially when working out, can cause a significant amount of foot pain.  Some foot pain requires surgery and is a structural problem.  However, there are a lot of foot pains and aches that can be helped with orthotics.  Yes, orthotics come at a financial cost.  However, investing in a good pair of orthotics can save you from years of medical bills and foot problems.  Many podiatrists work with their patients to get them the best orthotics at an affordable price, so the patients can maintain good foot health and prevent foot problems later on.

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