| Bunions: Symptoms and Treatment
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Bunions: Symptoms and Treatment

Bunions: Symptoms and Treatment

Bunions can cause nagging discomfort throughout the day and restrict daily movements. They can quickly turn from a bump on your toe, to a painful deformity. However, if caught and treated early, it can be prevented from developing into a serious issue.

Bunion – Signs

It usually forms on the side of the big toe. It is a hard, bony lump that is often caused due to–

  • poorly-fitted shoes or high heels
  • genetic predispositions
  • a foot injury

Common symptoms are –

  • bony protrusion at the base of your toe
  • red discoloration
  • feeling of tightness in previously comfortable shoes

As it worsens, you may begin to notice these signs –

  • Persistent pain and swelling
  • Periodic numbness of the foot
  • Restricted and slowed movement of the toe/foot

See a podiatrist immediately if you notice any of the above signs.

Bunions – Treatments

For less severe cases, or those without pain yet, your podiatrist may recommend –

  • Soaking your foot in warm water
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medications, such as Aspirin
  • Wearing shoe inserts and insoles
  • Avoiding tight-fitting footwear

In severe cases, your podiatrist will likely recommend –

  • Custom-made orthotics to restore toe alignment
  • Regular physical therapy under the supervision of an experienced therapist, and a specialized exercise regiment
  • Bunionectomy – a surgical procedure for bunion removal and foot realignment (only in the most severe cases)

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