| How to prevent Running Injuries?
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How to prevent Running Injuries?

How to prevent Running Injuries?

Runners are familiar with the pain and discomfort caused due to a running injury. It is recommended that you warm up adequately routine before beginning a run to prevent any running injuries. Strengthening your legs will reduce the likelihood of a running injury. This can be achieved with stretching exercises. In addition, many runners benefit by using a foam roller on their calves, since this can help to relieve pain from sore muscles.

Prevent Running Injuries

A runner may make mistakes before the run that can cause injury. Athletes tend to overstretch before running, something they should be doing in the post-run routine. For example, deep lunges and hamstring pulls should be performed after a workout and not during the warmup. Another common mistake is diving into an intense routine before your body is physically ready for it.

To ease your way into running and prevent injuries –

  • Add strength training into your workouts to improve the body’s overall strength.
  • Improve and maintain your flexibility with stretching.
  • “Warm Up” before running and “cool down” to prevent delayed muscle soreness.
  • Cross-training is a must.
  • Wear proper running shoes.
  • Ask your foot doctor for a gait analysis to prevent injuries due to poor biomechanics.

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