| When do I need to replace my custom orthotics?
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When do I need to replace my custom orthotics?

When do I need to replace my custom orthotics?

Orthotics are recommended for daily use and are specific to each individual. The orthotics may start to wear out with time and your feet change too. Just like you change your eyeglasses with changes in sight, you need to change your orthotics with changes in your feet. At such times, you should go for a re-evaluation of your foot, to find out if you need new orthotics to accommodate the changes in your body.

While there is no fixed life to your orthotics, custom orthotics usually last 1-5 years, depending on your activity levels and lifestyle. The more you use your orthotics, the more wear you would see on them. Activities, such as jogging and running, tend to wear them out faster than using them only when you go to work.

You are prescribed custom orthotics for a reason. It could be to protect your feet or to provide them extra support or to cause the biomechanical alignment to be restored. If any of those reasons come back, it is time to change your orthotics. If you start experiencing the same pain and discomfort as you did before you started using the orthotics, it is time to see your podiatrist for a new pair.

While wearing your custom orthotics, if you notice any pain during common activities, such as walking, standing or jumping, or any kind of a pain in the back, lower leg or feet, you need to visit your foot doctor or podiatrist. Your body may be telling you to replace your orthotics.

Any break or cracks in the orthotics also suggest it is time for a replacement.

Since orthotics are often prescribed to correct deformities in the feet and to restore alignment, your shoes should wear evenly. If your shoes show signs of wear unevenly or too soon, it is a good idea to have your orthotics checked.

Finally, if you go through any significant change, such as a knee surgery, gaining a large amount of weight, or an injury since your orthotics were created, you may need a new or modified pair.

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