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Bunions – Signs and Treatment

Bunions – Signs and Treatment

A bunion refers to an enlargement of the base joint of the toe that connects to the foot. It often forms from a bony growth or a patch of swollen tissues.

Bunions are commonly caused due to an inward shifting of the bones in the big toe, toward the other toes of the foot. Such a shift can cause severe pain and discomfort, causing the area around the big toe to become inflamed, red, and painful.

Wearing improperly fitting shoes, trying to cram your feet into high heels or running or walking such that causes too much stress on the feet can worsen bunions. Heels generally push the big toe inward and shift the body weight and center of gravity towards the edge of the feet and toes. This accelerates bone displacement.

An experienced foot and ankle specialist or podiatrist can quickly diagnose bunions. Your podiatrist may review blood tests and X-rays to do so. If your X-ray shows an enlarged joint near the base of the toe and a shifting toward the smaller toes, it indicates a bunion.

Wearing wider, well-designed shoes can reduce the pressure on the bunion, reducing pain. Avoid high heels for some time. However, if pain persists, anti-inflammatory drugs can be prescribed. Severe pain can be relieved with a steroid injection near the bunion. Custom orthotics may be prescribed which can reduce the pressure on the foot and reduce pain.

In patients that are unable to find relief with these methods of treatment, surgery may be needed to reposition the toe. The foot and ankle surgeon would take out a section of the bone or rearrange the ligaments and tendons in the toe to restore alignment. After surgery, you need to wear more comfortable shoes that avoid placing pressure on the toe.

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