| Ankle Sprains and Healing
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Ankle Sprains and Healing

Ankle Sprains and Healing

Ankle sprains are the commonest ankle injuries. An ankle may become sprained as the result of rolling inward while stepping suddenly off a sidewalk or tripping and falling.

Ankle sprains cause pain while walking, swelling and bruising. The pain may be relieved upon taking the weight off the affected foot, using crutches and applying pressure to the affected ankle by wrapping it with an elastic bandage. Over the counter pain medication may alleviate some pain and discomfort but it does nothing to aid the healing. If you have injured your ankle or believe it could be sprained, visit a foot doctor or podiatrist who can recommend an effective treatment option.

Ankle Sprains and Symptoms

Ankle sprains are caused due to ligament tears within the ankle. The symptoms include –

  • pain at the sight of the tear
  • bruising/swelling
  • ankle area is tender to touch
  • in severe cases, may hear/feel something tear
  • skin discoloration

Ankle sprains can be prevented by wearing well-designed shoes, stretching before exercises and sports and increasing strenuous exercise or activity gradually.

Ankle Sprain Treatments

In many cases, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation or RICE is used to treat ankle sprains. But it is extremely important to see an ankle injuries doctor or podiatrist to determine which treatment is most suited for your injury. In severe cases, surgery may be required.

Ask your foot and ankle doctor about rehabilitation options after the treatment. Stretching, strength training, and balance exercises can aid in completely healing the injured ankle and prevent further injury.

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