| 3 Foot Conditions Caused during Cold Weather
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3 Foot Conditions Caused during Cold Weather

3 Foot Conditions Caused during Cold Weather

Cold weather affects your toes fast. The low temperatures make your blood vessels constrict, especially those that are farthest from the heart, such as your feet and toes. This means a poor supply of oxygen-rich blood to these areas.

If you are out in the cold for prolonged periods, you should know what can the cold do to your toes.


Frostbite refers to frozen skin. Frostbite might seem superficial, affecting only the top layers of the skin. But it can freeze and damage underlying tissues, muscles, and even bones.


Chilblains refer to small, red bumps that can become swollen and itchy, causing the surrounding skin to dry out and crack. Left untreated, these swollen bumps can get infected.

Raynaud’s Disease

In Raynaud’s disease, toes turn numb and may appear white or blue. Unlike the other two conditions, Raynaud’s can occur anytime a person feels cold or stressed.

Frostbite and chilblains are more likely to affect the very young, the very old, and people with circulation issues, as in diabetics.

These conditions can be prevented by –

  • wearing warm socks
  • keeping the feet dry
  • limiting your time in the extreme cold
  • keeping your feet warm
  • visiting a foot doctor or podiatrist if you notice any discoloration or numbness in your toes

If your symptoms persist, you should immediately seek medical attention.

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