| Do not Ignore Ankle Sprains
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Do not Ignore Ankle Sprains

Do not Ignore Ankle Sprains

Landing awkwardly on your feet while playing sports or twisting your ankle while negotiating a sidewalk can cause an ankle sprain.

The ankle joint consists of a number of soft tissues – ligaments and tendons – that can cause severe pain, swelling, and immobility, when overly stretched or torn.

Seeking immediate medical attention with a foot doctor or podiatrist is the best way to recover faster and avoid further ankle injuries.

Prompt treatment for ankle sprains is necessary –

  • To avoid further complications — An ankle sprain that doesn’t heal properly can lead to chronic ankle instability and weakness. This means you may become susceptible to sprain your ankle again. Even seemingly minor sprains should be treated by a foot care professional, with great care. This should be followed by slowly increasing strength and flexibility with physical therapy.
  • To check for any other injuries — An ankle sprain can mask other injuries. So, it is vital that you should have your ankle sprain evaluated by a podiatrist to rule out a fracture, torn ligament or any other injury.

Treatment for ankle sprains may include –

  • RICE – Rest, ice, compression, and elevation
  • Medications to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Immobilizing the ankle during the healing process
  • Physical therapy to strengthen the ankle and promote proper healing
  • Surgery for severe sprains and injuries

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