| Which sandals can be worn all day?
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Which sandals can be worn all day?

Which sandals can be worn all day?

Everyone waits for the summer to bring out the sandals. Sandals are versatile footwear and often look attractive due to the different colors and styles they come in.

However, sandals can be uncomfortable too. Apart from the buckles and straps, very flat foot beds may not prove good for your feet. Sandals are also designed more for fashion than comfort. For example, the backless slip-on sandals force our toes to curl to keep them on and stilettos which offer an extremely narrow base of support.

So, if you must buy sandals, look for the following –

  • Check the foot bed and ensure it offers arch support. Sandals that provide shock absorption, like a rubber- or cork-type sole are good.
  • The sandal’s bottom should be firm but flexible.
  • The sandals you pick should keep the toes stable position, so they do not need to bend and you can control the toe grip.
  • Gladiator style sandals or those with straps around the ankle offering better ankle support and decrease your chances of a sprain.
  • Avoid shoes made of porous material or likely to hold water or ones that don’t fit exactly right.
  • Look for sandals with wider straps for stability and a stiff sole for support and some traction.

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