| Cuboid Syndrome
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Cuboid Syndrome

Cuboid Syndrome

The cuboid bone is one of the 7 tarsal bones of the foot. If there is an injury to the joints and ligaments surrounding this bone, it is known as cuboid syndrome.

A common sign of the cuboid syndrome is pain in the middle of the foot or at the base of the toes. This can be the result of an injury that causes the tarsal bones to slip out of alignment. In addition to pain, the person may experience swelling, increased pain while walking, and tenderness on the sole of the foot.

Many athletes ignore cuboid syndrome but the condition may worsen, if left untreated. Those who walk inward are more vulnerable to develop cuboid syndrome. If you suspect or suffer from this condition, consult a podiatrist for appropriate treatment right away.

Common causes of cuboid syndrome are –

  • Injury, such as an ankle sprain
  • Repetitive strain, such as during jumping and running
  • Altered Foot Biomechanics, such as flat feet

As mentioned earlier, the most common symptom of cuboid syndrome is pain, along the outside of the foot, in the ankle and toes. This pain may cause the person to walk with a limp. Cuboid syndrome treatment involves rest, icing, exercise, taping, and orthotics.

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