| 9 Reasons Why Athletes Should Visit A Podiatrist
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9 Reasons Why Athletes Should Visit A Podiatrist

9 Reasons Why Athletes Should Visit A Podiatrist

Athlete are always on their feet, running, jumping, while your feet take a beating. But damage and injuries to the feet can be prevented if athletes visited a podiatrist regularly.

Here are 9 reasons why an athlete should visit the foot and ankle doctor.

  • Your sport involves running

Runners are vulnerable not only to aches and pains but also things like shin splints. The podiatrist can prevent these problems even before they occur by educating you on foot care and giving you tools like custom orthotics that will best prevent or avoid such injuries.

  • You have diabetes

If you are an athlete who suffers from diabetes, you are at a higher risk for developing foot problems. Whether it is dry skin or a wound, visit a foot doctor regularly to avoid any complications.

  • You have nail problems

Even minor issues, such as an ingrown toenail, can keep you out of the game. So, if you have noticed it though it doesn’t yet hurt, see your podiatrist. Ingrown toenails can cause an infection which can quickly worsen.

  • You have corns or calluses

If the skin of your feet is becoming thicker, it may be due to dead skin. Get it removed by your podiatrist before it becomes painful.

  • You have a bunion

Bunions are like big bump at the base of the big toe. This can occur due to a bone or joint being out of place. Visit your podiatrist for treatment.

  • You have athlete’s foot

Any infection is bad, especially on your feet. If you are an athlete, you need your feet in top condition. An athlete’s foot can prevent you from your athletic activity. If you spot an infection that feels itchy, visit your foot doctor right away.

  • You see discoloration

Skin discoloration, even without pain or any other symptoms, can be the sign of an underlying condition. Check your feet regularly for an any such signs and see your podiatrist if you spot something unusual.

  • Your feet feel numb or cold

While numbness is the opposite of pain, it can be the sign of serious health issues. If you experience numbness or tingling, it is best to get your feet checked. Numbness can be the sign of diabetes, neurological problems or peripheral artery disease.

  • Your feet don’t allow you to walk normally

If the way you walk has changed because of your feet, it is again a sign of a serious underlying health problem. To prevent it from worsening, especially if you need to be constantly on your feet, check with your podiatrist immediately.

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