| Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems
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Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems

Prevent Diabetic Foot Problems

People with diabetes are more vulnerable to foot problems, due to poor circulation and nerve damage. Nerve damage in the legs and feet reduces sensation, making it difficult to notice pain or change in temperature. An otherwise minor sore or scrape may go unnoticed and become infected. Reduced blood flow also makes injury healing difficult. Left untreated, even minor foot injuries in diabetics can lead to ulceration and even amputation.

Foot Care for Diabetics

You can follow simple daily foot care tips to avoid serious foot health problems associated with diabetes.

  • Wash your feet with mild soap and lukewarm water thoroughly every day. Keep your feet dry after washing.
  • Moisturize your foot skin daily to avoid cracking but do not apply lotion between your toes to prevent infection.
  • Trim your toenails carefully by cutting straight across and avoiding the corners.
  • Do not ignore corns or calluses. See your podiatrist for treatment.
  • Protect your feet from extreme heat and cold.
  • To keep your blood circulating properly, elevate your feet while sitting, don’t sit cross-legged, and stay active.
  • Check your feet every day for any cuts, redness, swelling or nail problems. See your podiatrist if you detect even the slightest change.
  • Avoid smoking. It restricts blood flow in the feet.
  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes.
  • Visit your podiatrist regularly.

While living with diabetes can be challenging, you can prevent any foot related complications by following simple foot care and visiting your podiatrist on a regular basis.

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