| Your Feet and Diabetes
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Your Feet and Diabetes

Your Feet and Diabetes

Diabetes affects your blood circulation. It can also worsen atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Diabetes can cause inflammation and decrease blood flow, making it harder for blood to circulate. Since your feet are farthest from your heart, they are usually affected the most.

Poor circulation can lead to cramps and pain and make healing difficult, in case of injuries, such as cuts and sores. Here are a few conditions diabetes can cause in your feet.

Poor circulation makes feet less healthy. One of the ways this occurs is Neuropathy, in which nerve signals are interrupted.

Sensory Neuropathy

The most common type of neuropathy is sensory neuropathy – the nerves are unable to signal sensations, such as hot, cold, or painful. As a result, you may not notice when your feet are hurt or injured, making you unaware of the problem. This means the problem could worsen or lead to infection.

Motor Neuropathy

On the other hand, in motor neuropathy, the nerves fail to coordinate movements, making it harder to move. The toes may curl up or develop pronation.

If not managed correctly, diabetes can have drastic effects on your feet. So, if you are diabetic

  • closely monitor your condition and keep it under check
  • examine your feet regularly for any cuts, bruises etc.
  • wear well-designed shoes (ask your podiatrist for which ones are best for you)
  • visit a podiatrist regularly.

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