| What to do if you have an Ankle Sprain?
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What to do if you have an Ankle Sprain?

What to do if you have an Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprains are not uncommon. While it is a common injury, the pain and treatment would vary depending upon how serious the ankle sprain is.

Your ankles are an extremely important part of your body, because they join your foot to the leg and support the weight of the entire body as well. This responsibility may result in a broken, sprained or twisted ankle.

Quick Facts about your Ankle

The ankle is made up of three different bones:

  • The shinbone or Tibia is the major lower leg bone
  • The thinner lower leg bone or Fibula; helps in stabilizing the ankle
  • The small bone at the top of the foot or Talus that helps to transfer the weight

Quick Facts about Ankle Sprains

Improper movement, such as an ankle twist or a sports injury can cause an ankle sprain. For instance, basketball players often suffer from ankle sprains, due to landing wrongly or landing on another player’s foot.

An ankle sprain could also result from stepping off a curb wrongly, slipping on ice, walking down stairs, or running on an uneven surface.

Sprained ankles may result in –

  • Pain in and around the ankle. The ankle may be throbbing as well.
  • Sensitive nerves that cause pain
  • Swelling can increase the damage to the tissue
  • Increased blood flow to the injured area can cause redness and warmth

Depending on the number of ligaments torn, ankle sprains can be classified as –

  • Grade I – The swelling may resolve on its own, in a few days.
  • Grade II – It takes about a week or two for the swelling to go down and possibly physical therapy.
  • Grade III – Ankle surgery could be an option.

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