| Foot and Ankle Wound Care for Diabetics
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Foot and Ankle Wound Care for Diabetics

Foot and Ankle Wound Care for Diabetics

Foot wounds can change unexpectedly. Read on for important tips for treating open wounds, especially if you are a diabetic.

  1. DO NOT soak the wound. An ingrown toenail, maybe if your doctor suggests but it is rare for a foot wound to require soaking.
  2. Carefully observe the size and depth of the wound. An open wound is vulnerable to dirt and germs. Visit a foot doctor or podiatrist immediately for treatment.
  3. DO NOT wait for the wound to heal on its own. Deep wounds, especially, would not heal on their own. Waiting may lead to infection, even amputation. Consult your podiatrist right away.
  4. DO NOT use peroxide to clean the wound. Use a diluted soap or just clean tap water or whatever your doctor recommends.
  5. The wound should be kept covered with a dressing. This will prevent bacteria and infection till you get proper wound care at a podiatrist’s.
  6. See a podiatrist or foot care specialist within 24 hours if you have an open wound.


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