| Helpful Tips to Heal Faster after Foot & Ankle Surgery
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Helpful Tips to Heal Faster after Foot & Ankle Surgery

Helpful Tips to Heal Faster after Foot & Ankle Surgery

If you have just had surgery on either your foot or ankle, here are some helpful tips from Phoenix’s Oasis Foot and Ankle doctors to heal faster.

Stop the Pain

  • Take your prescription pain medications given to you by your doctor, as directed.
  • If your surgery was performed under a nerve block, it may wear off while you are asleep, so begin your medication before you go to bed.
  • Do not wait for pain to occur to start your medication. Manage your pain before it has started.

Reduce Swelling

  • Post-surgery swelling can also cause pain after surgery. So, keep your foot and ankle elevated often during the first several weeks after surgery.
  • Elevate the affected foot and ankle above the level of the hip.


Icing the affected area help with pain and swelling. But it is important to check with your foot and ankle surgeon whether it is alright to do so.

Prevent Nausea

Nausea is not uncommon after surgery. If you feel nauseated, ask your doctor for medication.

Long-Term Care

It may take a few weeks, even months for your foot and/or ankle to completely recover. You can only gradually increase weight bearing on your foot, according to your doctor’s instructions. For complete and quick recovery, you may be asked to –

  • put less weight on the surgical side
  • keep your foot elevated
  • apply ice to the affected area


To learn more about foot and ankle surgery or to consult an experienced foot and ankle specialist in Phoenix, Arizona, call Oasis Foot and Ankle Clinic at 602-993-2700 Now.

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