| Diabetes and your Feet
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Diabetes and your Feet

Diabetes and your Feet

Diabetes affects over 30 million people in the United States, out of which only 23 million cases are diagnosed. Diabetes can harm most organs of your body and result in problems, such as kidney damage, heart disease and neuropathy.


One of the biggest problems diabetes can cause is that it negatively impacts your circulation.

Poor circulation means poor feet health. Lack of proper blood flow can cause cramps and pain and make your feet unlikely to heal themselves. So, cuts and injuries will take much longer to heal, and even become infected.


Poor circulation renders the cells in our feet incapable of doing what they should. Neuropathy is an example of this, where nerve signals are interrupted.


The most common type of neuropathy is sensory neuropathy, in which nerves lose the ability to send signals for sensations. When your feet are cut or injured, you would not be able to sense and/or treat it, causing infection.


The other type of neuropathy, motor neuropathy, refers to failure of the nerves’ ability to coordinate our movements. This can make it difficult for the person to move. For example, the person’s toes may curl up or s/he may develop pronation (walking with the inside of the feet pushing down against the ground).


If left untreated or not managed correctly, diabetes can have major consequences for the feet. The most important thing is to monitor your feet closely. Do not ignore any unusual sensations in your feet and visit a podiatrist if you suspect anything at all.


An experienced podiatrist can help in case of injuries, fractures, heel pain and diabetic wound care. Most conditions can be managed by conservative care with our Scottsdale and Phoenix Podiatrists, while others are best treated with surgery.


To learn more about foot orthotics treatment in Phoenix, Arizona, consult an experienced podiatrist at Oasis Foot and Ankle Clinic at 602-993-2700 Today.

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