| What Does A Torn Ligament In Ankle Feel Like?
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What Does A Torn Ligament In Ankle Feel Like?

What Does A Torn Ligament In Ankle Feel Like?

The ankle is a hinge joint located between the foot and leg. It allows up and down movements and any injury to the ankle can become rather debilitating. So, what does a torn ligament in knee feel like? To find the answer, keep on reading:

what does a torn ligament in ankle feel likeHow do ankle ligaments get injured?

Most ligament injuries in the ankle occur when the foot gets twisted inwards. Such injuries may affect only ligaments in the ankle or may be large enough to involve muscles in the area. Both types of injuries present localized swelling and pain, some instability and difficulty walking.

What is the difference between sprain and strain?

A sprain occurs when there is an unexpected twist of the joint which stretches, tears or completely ruptures one or more ligaments in the area.

Sprains can be divided into three categories, namely, first, second and third degree sprains. Among these, first-degree sprains involve minimal tearing and some stretching. Symptoms include mild pain, tenderness, swelling and difficulty walking. First-degree sprains do not present any bruising or loss of function.

Second-degree sprains are a bit more complicated. These involve a tearing sensation along with a snap.  Swelling and tenderness are also present and bruising becomes noticeable a few days after the initial injury.

An individual with a second-degree sprain will also find it difficult to walk.

The most severe type of injury is the third-degree sprain. In this case, the joint itself may slip out of place and then back in. The individual experiences a lot of swelling, severe tenderness and instability in the joint. This type of sprain will make it impossible to walk.

An ankle sprain, on the other hand, is an acute injury following trauma. Strains affect muscles rather than ligaments in the area. They can occur after slipping and falling or while running and jumping sports. Strains that becomes chronic overtime result from long-term overuse of the ankle muscles.

Ankle injury treatment

Ankle injury treatment will vary based on whether the damage caused is a sprain or a strain. For instance, in case of an ankle sprain, the individual will need to rest and perhaps use crutches until walking without support becomes possible.

Sprains also need to be iced until the associated swelling goes down. Another option is to use a compression wrap to help reduce swelling.

A protective brace may be introduced to prevent putting weight on the injured ankle. Any case of a sprained ankle requires raising the ankle above the heart to minimize swelling and bruising.

Ankle sprains need longer healing and may require casting along with crutches to manage the condition.

Patients may also need rehabilitation treatments like ultrasounds and electrical stimulation to manage symptoms. There is also some component of physical therapy involved that focuses on strengthening exercises.

Special exercises to promote muscle and joint position awareness are included in therapy to reduce the risk of re-injury. Some of these therapeutic exercises may be water based while others may be land-based, depending on the nature and severity of the injury.

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