| Should I go for Custom Orthotics?
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Should I go for Custom Orthotics?

Should I go for Custom Orthotics?

Foot and ankle pain can bring your life to a halt. Fortunately, custom orthotics can treat many foot and ankle problems.

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics refers to devices worn inside the shoe to treat feet problems. Orthotics can help to correct walking pattern distributing pressure evenly and allowing you to move comfortably. While there are some over-the-counter orthotic devices available, custom orthotic devices are custom-made for your feet and specific foot condition.

Custom Orthotics can Treat Various Foot Conditions

Custom orthotics can treat many conditions including –

  • plantar fasciitis, or heel pain
  • bunions
  • tendonitis
  • arthritis
  • high arches
  • flat feet
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome

These are only some of the conditions that can benefit from orthotics. For example, athletes who require additional foot and ankle support to help aid their performance, use orthotics as a performance asset.

A skilled podiatrist examines the abnormalities in the bones or muscles of the feet and your range of motion and function.

Once your podiatrist determines custom orthotics to be the best treatment for you, a laboratory creates your orthotic based on a mold of your foot. This is done to ensure perfect fit and allows your doctor to design the orthotic exactly for your condition. When the orthotic is created, you may need to transition into wearing it slowly by wearing it for short duration in the beginning and then add an hour each day until the orthotic is broken in.

To learn more foot orthotics treatment in Phoenix, Arizona at Oasis Foot and Ankle to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Call 602-993-2700 to book an appointment today.

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