| How Custom Orthotics are better than Off-the-Shelf Options
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How Custom Orthotics are better than Off-the-Shelf Options

How Custom Orthotics are better than Off-the-Shelf Options

Are you a victim of regular back pains? Have sore knees and aching feet become an uncharacteristically familiar experience? If so, you are in dire need of orthotic treatment.

What does Orthotics have in store for you?

Orthotic devices are designed to provide one or all of the following:

  • To realign and extend support to the foot.
  • To compensate for (or prevent the occurrence of) foot deformities.

With the right orthotic device, you will see an improvement in the function of the foot and an overall relief from foot-related pain.

Custom Orthotics Vs Off-The-Shelf Orthotics

Latest technological advancements have made it possible for any individual to purchase off-the-shelf orthotics, sparing them an expensive trip to their podiatrist. However, inadequate information before buying off-the-shelf devices can do you more harm than good.

Realistically, it is wiser to invest in a custom orthotic than getting a quick, cheap fix from the runner’s store. We will explain to you various benefits of custom orthotics and how they outweigh the superficial treatments off-the-shelf devices have to offer.

  1. Custom orthotics counter the root causes of pain in your foot.

Without an in-depth diagnosis from a podiatrist, it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your foot or ankle pains. Your whole body works as one cohesive unit. As such, an ache in one part of your foot would mean a misplaced unit in a different area of your foot.

Off-the-shelter devices are designed to provide relief against the most common foot problems. This means that although the relief might seem instantaneous, it does not last. Their superficial nature reveals itself in a matter of time.

Custom devices are personally manufactured and tailored to suit your needs. Once a diagnosis has located the cause of your foot pain, a custom orthotic device is designed to provide permanent relief from pain.

  1. Custom orthotics always fit perfectly.

As much as off-the-shelf devices come in different sizes, finding the right size for your foot may be difficult. Only orthotics in the most common foot sizes are manufactured on the basis of reaping huge profits. Individuals with relatively larger, smaller or asymmetrical feet are at a disadvantage.

Custom orthotic devices are free from this shortcoming. Your foot images and measurements are taken before a molding made from leather, or a viscoelastic material is set. These custom orthotics are also designed to fit into different types of shoes such as high heels or sports shoes. You are not offered this kind of customization with off-the-shelf orthotics.

  1. Custom Orthotics support your health.

When you share your medical history with your Phoenix podiatrist, this provides them with a vantage point in choosing the best possible orthotic treatment method for you. Moreover, indefinite proof of treatment is required before an insurance agency can cover any medical costs. This is great news, considering how costly custom orthotics can be.

There is no guarantee to any of these benefits when you buy any off-the-shelf orthotics. This leaves you with a much higher chance of worsening your situation and inevitably having to visit your local podiatrist further down the line.

It is definite that the benefits of custom orthotics far outweigh their off-the-shelf counterparts. Since self-diagnosis can prove to be detrimental to your health, getting professional health advice is the only way forward. Make every step count by choosing a custom-fitted orthotic today.

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