| How Laser Treatment can be Used to Treat Foot Problems in Phoenix
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How Laser Treatment can be Used to Treat Foot Problems in Phoenix

How Laser Treatment can be Used to Treat Foot Problems in Phoenix

Laser treatment can be very helpful in improving the prognosis for foot problems. It can improve conditions from ankle sprains to toenail fungus and inflammation.

Laser treatments are painless and very effective. Most foot ailments respond very favorably to laser therapy. One such

Toenail Fungus

ailment is toenail fungus. This fungus causes the toenails to become brittle, yellow, and thickened. Nail fungus, known as Onychomycosis, is usually a genetic disease or the result of wearing footwear that doesn’t allow sufficient airflow to the feet. Also, showering in fitness centers and other public showers can spread the fungus from person to person.

The laser treatment therapy in Phoenix for nail fungus requires two separate visits of 10 to 15 minutes each (depending on several factors). The laser penetrates the nail and kills the nail and the fungus underneath. After a period of time, a new and healthy nail grows out to replace the infected nail.

The Phoenix podiatrist will supply antifungal spray to prevent the fungus from re-infecting the new nail. In addition, then you may be prescribed oral medication and treatment and/or topical spray for your shoes and socks.

The Class IV laser is designed to destroy warts using heat. During the procedure, the skin is not damaged, but the underlying wart and its blood supply are destroyed. The pulsed dye laser is efficient and perfect for removing large or multiple warts because of this feature. The skin is not damaged, and the destruction is concentrated on the wart tissue, and this method has proven to be very effective in treating warts that cannot be successfully treated with other methods.

The Class IV laser also works to reduce inflammation from ailments such as Achilles tendonitis. The laser is specifically designed to reduce inflammation and the pain that comes with it.

Many people with foot ailments have related problems due to the underlying cause of the problem. Diabetics may have a Laser toenail treatment Phoenixcondition called peripheral neuropathy and as a result of the diabetes may also have wounds that are difficult to heal. Our laser treatment is effective on this problem and can reduce wound healing duration by 50%.

Treatment with the Class IV laser has been used successfully on millions of patients, and most recover without any side effects and are able to walk out of the office without pain. The treatment reduces recovery time and eliminates the possibility of infection because the skin is not broke or damaged during the procedure.

Plantar warts can be very effectively eliminated by our laser procedure, which works by emitting a small and powerful beam of light that is absorbed by the red in the red blood cells within the wart. This absorption of the laser heat interferes with the blood supply to the wart and destroys the virus at its base which caused the ailment in the first place. This treatment generally requires two sessions and is 93% effective.

Laser treatments generally take about a half hour and in general works exceptionally well to mitigate several common and debilitating foot ailments. Oasis Foot and Ankle offers laser toenail fungus treatment at three locations in the Valley including two in Phoenix and one in Scottsdale. Call today!

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