Podiatrist Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ | Best Podiatrist in Phoenix, Foot Surgery, Foot Doctor in Phoenix Arizona
Looking for the best podiatrist in Phoenix Arizona? Approach Oasis Foot & Ankle Center provides foot and ankle surgery by the best podiatrist in Scottsdale, Phoenix.
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Welcome to Oasis Foot & Ankle Center, Top Arizona Podiatrists

The Phoenix and Scottsdale foot specialists at Oasis Foot and Ankle are experts in all aspects of diagnosing and relieving your lower extremity condition.

From sports injuries to fractures, heel pain and diabetic wound care, foot and ankle conditions may affect anyone. Most conditions can be managed by conservative care with our Scottsdale and Phoenix Podiatrists, while others are best treated with surgery.

Here’s why you should come see our experts:

  • Drs. Brewer, De La Cruz, Rand and Tager – over 65 years of combined experience!
  • State of the Art Gait Analysis with Patented Techniques
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Options
  • Pioneering Surgical Techniques
  • In House CT Scanner


In most cases, surgery can be avoided with relief offered through office procedures, laser therapy, orthotics, physical therapy and stem cell procedures. Should surgery be necessary, Oasis Foot and Ankle’s providers are pioneers in minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery. This entails tiny incisions, minimal blood loss and FAST recovery!

Most insurance is accepted at both our Phoenix and Scottsdale Podiatry centers.




Laser Toenail Treatment

The treatment involves passing the laser beam over the infected nails and surrounding skin. Our Podiatrists will repeat this several times until enough energy has reached the nail…

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Medicine & Surgery

You may be referred to Oasis by your primary doctor or orthopedist for a second opinion or to be evaluated for specialized surgery. Our Podiatrists have extensive surgical training…

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Sports Injuries

Running and sports related injuries to the lower extremity are common. Our Podiatrists are trained and experienced to identify and treat sports related injuries. The most common…

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Orthotics are medical devices that go into ones shoes that are designed to give arch support and control the function of your feet. Foot pain is often due to poor foot support…

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Most Insurance(s) Accepted at Both Our Phoenix and Scottsdale Podiatry Centers. Call us today at (602) 993-2700!