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With over 75 years experience in comprehensive foot and ankle treatments, the Phoenix and Scottsdale foot specialists at Oasis Foot and Ankle are experts in all aspects of diagnosing and relieving your lower extremity condition.

From sports injuries to fractures, heel pain and diabetic wound care, foot and ankle conditions may affect anyone. Most conditions can be managed by conservative care with our Phoenix podiatrists, while others are best treated with surgery.

Drs. Brewer, De La Cruz, Jezidzic, Rand and Tager are specially trained in all the latest surgical techniques to address these problems in order to minimize pain and to prevent further damage. In most cases, surgery can be avoided with relief offered through office procedures, laser therapy, orthotics, physical therapy and stem cell procedures.

Should surgery be necessary, Oasis Foot and Ankle’s providers are pioneers in minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery. This entails tiny incisions, minimal blood loss and FAST recovery!

Along with their exceptional staff, our Physicians are dedicated to providing an excellent patient experience through high-quality care.

Most insurance is accepted at both our Phoenix and Scottsdale podiatry centers.

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